Bay Carbon Inc. SP powders for Graphene


SP-1 Powder

SP-2 Powder


Carbon Powder Graphene Precursor Materials

Graphene is a form of carbon which has emerged into one of the most studied 2-D electronic solids in materials research. Still early in its development, many researchers have demonstrated new and exciting performance milestones with graphene material forms and devices in electronic, chemical and mechanical product applications.

Bay Carbon Incorporated has been a global supplier of carbon products since the 1970s. Since 2007, the scientific community has relied on Bay Carbon graphite powder for development of graphene applications.  Google Scholar the search term “Bay Carbon Graphene” and one will find over 600 publication and patent references for results produced with Bay Carbon powder products. Among the most studied applications for graphene using Bay Carbon powders are high performance Li-ion batteries and super capacitors. A representative bibliography of research work performed using Bay Carbon graphene precursors can be found in the pdf file on this page.

Bay Carbon graphene precursors are sourced from two different types of powder, referred to as SP-1 and SP-2. These powders are formed using different methods and treated to remove impurities.  The properties of the powders are slightly different in particle size distribution and molecular structure. The typical properties and representative Raman spectra are listed in the pdf files found on this page.

Bay Carbon specializes in prototyping custom products for its Customers. If pursuing research in graphene materials please contact Bay Carbon for precursor materials that can be adopted to meet the needs of the targeted application.