Silicon Carbide Coated Susceptors for CMOS & MOCVD

Bay Carbon has over 40 years of experience producing high purity, iso-molded graphite susceptors for CVD processes. All graphite for susceptor applications is purified using Bay Carbon proprietary purification technology and tested using DC Arc optical emission spectroscopy to insure purity levels that are consistent with semiconductor applications. The graphite susceptor products are available with a thermal coefficient matched CVD silicon carbide protective coating. Each SiC coated graphite susceptor is packaged in sealed clean room compatible poly-bags and shipped in protective enclosures in individual containers.

Bay Carbon specializes in partnering with its Customers to produce custom designs for CVD susceptors. Susceptors can be designed for use in CVD silicon epitaxy, III-V epitaxy and III-Nitride epitaxy.  Please contact Bay Carbon regarding your susceptor requirements.

Precision Graphite Machining    

Bay Carbon has a complete modern machining facilities specializing in precision machining of high purity graphite. Normal machine tolerances are +/- 75 microns, for special application +/- 5 microns can be achieved and certified by CMM. Our ability to quickly turnaround your graphite needs for design to final product will give your company the advantage in bringing your product to market.

Laboratory Graphite

Our line of laboratory graphite includes DC/Arc electrodes use in the analysis of high purity copper, modern ceramics and a host of other modern materials. The grades of graphite we use for the Arc electrodes are chosen for uniform electrical conductivity and uniform structure for greater reproducibility of your analysis. We produce all our electrodes to ASTM E 130 “Standard Practice for Designation of Shapes and Sizes of Graphite Electrodes”. We have the capability to manufacture custom designs to customers mechanical and purity requirements.

Our laboratory graphite crucible products come in both low and high purity grades. These are used for fusions and melting high purity copper. We have standard sizes from 10ml to 40ml and can produce custom sizes to your requirements.

Our SP-1 line of high purity graphite powders is use for the creation of conductive samples for analysis. Our SP-2 line of high purity graphite powders is used as a buffer for volatile samples.

DCarc.jpgGraphite Purification    

Bay Carbon’s CVP purification process is unparallel in the industry today. We have three levels of purification to suite all industrial and semiconductor needs. We also offer our purification as a service. We have our own in house laboratory for quick turnaround.

1. High purity - 20 ppm or less *

2. CVP purity - 5 ppm or less (No more than 2 elements may be present. No single element may exceed 1 ppm) *

3. Semiconductor purity - 0.05 ppm or less. **

* Purity testing is performed on an ATOMCOMP 2000 Dual Slit High Resolution DC Arc Spectrometer using a cathode-enriched layer excited by 12.1 amps. D.C. current. The CID (charge injection Device) detector is a single solid-state chip with over 250,000 light-sensitive detector elements (pixels), providing continuous wavelength coverage from 190 to 800 nm. In this method a stallwood jet is used. This apparatus surrounds the electrode with inert gas in order to stabilize the arc and to reduce CN (cyanogens) banding.

**Glow-Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS). Full periodic table coverage (except H) Allow 7 - 10 business days for testing results.



2. 16" dia. x 50" long. 5.82 cu ft

3. 30" dia. x 45" long. 18.41 cu ft

4. 30" dia. x 59" long. 24.13 cu ft

5. 40" dia. x 68" long. 49.45 cu ft

6. 40" dia. x 84" long. 61.09 cu ft

7. 64" x 34" x 67" long. 84.37 cu ft