Bay Carbon, Inc.

about Bay Carbon, Inc

Bay Carbon is a leading, independently-owned manufacturer of silicon-carbide coated graphite, precision-machined, high-purity graphite focusing on the silicon, solar silicon, CMOS & MOCVP areas of semiconductor manufacturing. We provide a complete line of high-purity laboratory graphite and graphite powders used in industry and academia.

Our Story

photo of Thomas Clare, President of Bay Carbon, Inc.

Bay Carbon was founded in 1978 and has grown to become a leading independently-owned manufacturer of carbon and graphite products. We are a second generation company committed to Bay City’s legacy of manufacturing. In addition to supporting Michigan’s semiconductor industries, Bay Carbon also has customers located around the globe. Bay Carbon currently employs 35 people and we are excited to be expanding our facility with a $1.6 million investment that is expected to create 20 new jobs in the very near future.

Only the Best


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Bay Carbon has been assessed by NSF-ISR and found to be conformant to the following standard ISO 9001:2015.  Certificate Number 4Y571-IS4 can be downloaded here.


Research Focused

We’re focused on developing R&D programs that benefit the growth of carbon materials technology.


Environmentally Conscious

We operate in a manner that limits our environmental impact, meeting or exceeding legal and regulatory requirements, and the ISO 14001 Standard. Our policy is available for public viewing.

photo of Bay Carbon products


Research & Development

Bay Carbon Inc. focuses on developing R&D programs to benefit the growth of carbon materials technology. As a leading manufacturer of graphite, graphite powders, and graphite products, we prioritize delivering technology that improves our customers’ products. Our current projects include CVD processes and precursors for graphene technology. We welcome opportunities to partner in R&D projects with university and industrial laboratories worldwide. Contact us to discuss your future technology needs.